Gerber: Safe Knife Use

Gerber: Safe Knife Use

Always think about safety when using a knife, and please follow these simple knife safety instructions.


1. Read all instructions and warnings that come with your Gerber knife, and pay particular attention to any safety warnings, labels, or information mentioned in the paperwork.

2. Know exactly how your Gerber knife works prior to use, and practice safely opening and closing the blade before using it (as well as before replacing it in its sheath).

3. Always keep your Gerber knife sharp: a properly sharpened knife functions better than a dull knife, in addition to being safer to use.

4. Always keep the blade edge and point of your Gerber knife pointed in a safe direction, ensuring that there is no one in close proximity to the location where you plan to apply it.

5. Always cut away from your body, or from the body of any other person close the area in which the knife is being applied.

6. Always keep your Gerber folding knife closed and your fixed blade knife/machete sheathed when not in use.

7. Never use excess force to replace your Gerber knife or machete within its sheath. If there is resistance during the replacement process and excess force is used, you may risk serious personal injury. Often, forcing the blade back into the sheath is a result of incorrect replacement. Check the position of the blade at the mouth of the sheath and use care to ease the blade into the sheath’s body.

8. Remember: The Right Tool for the Right Job. Only use your knife to cut. Never use it to hammer, pry, ice-pick, etc.

9. Never throw your Gerber knife. Contrary to what films and TV depict, knives are not designed to be thrown, and you risk damage to the knife, in addition to serious potential injury to yourself or another person.

10. If, for any reason, the blade of your folding knife does not lock in the open position, do not attempt to use the knife. Please contact Gerber Consumer Services immediately.

11. Never place pressure on the blade of a folding knife in a direction that might cause it to close on your fingers.

12. Never attempt to take apart your Gerber knife. Doing so may make the knife unsafe and will likely void the Lifetime Limited Warranty. If your knife requires repair, contact Gerber Consumer Services.

13. Take the time to thoroughly explain knives and knife safety to any children in your household. Teach them that knives are tools, not toys. Their education as responsible knife users and/or future knife owners begins with their being made fully aware as to how to safely handle and care for a knife.