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Gerber FAQs

Having technical problems with your Leatherman? Unsure whether it's legal to take your multi-tool on a plane? Or encountering issues when you try to order an engraved tool? The answers are all here. Just click the area you need advice on below to jump to the correct section.

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Can't find the solution on this page? You can contact us directly on this number: +44 (0)844 5678 365

International callers can contact us with this number: +44 (0)1242 698 987

Leatherman Product Advice


- Which Gerber Multi Tool/Knife is right for me?

Choosing the right Multi Tool and/or Knife is crucial to guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Each tool has its own specifications making it a better fit to some jobs over others. Decide what you will be using the tool for; then use our filter system on our site to find the perfect one for you.

- Can I legally carry my Gerber tool/What are the knife laws?

For any information on age restrictions or basic knife laws (including the UK carry laws) please see our Knife Age Restrictions and Law page. All of our everyday carry knives are here. 


Leatherman Technical Advice

- How do I clean my Tool? 

Maintaining your tool is important. You'll want to make sure that you clean it after each major use. Rinse the gear in clear tap water, dry thoroughly and lightly oil the metal and pivot areas. We recommend the Farrar&Tanner oil.

- How often should I sharpen my knife blade?

How often you ought to sharpen depends on how much you’re using the blade. However, it’s recommended to give the knife light, frequent sharpenings to keep the blade sharp. Blunt blades are far more dangerous than sharp blades.


LEatherman Ordering and Delivery Advice

- What is your Warranties/Returns policy? 

All Gerber products sold on this website have a 25-year warranty. You can find all the information you need for Warranties and Returns on our website.

- What are the UK/international delivery charges?

UK delivery charges will vary depending on the delivery option you choose. You could opt for Standard (over £30 has free standard UK delivery) all the way up to Guaranteed Next Day in the UK at just £6.99.

European & Worldwide are prices are as follows:  European UPS Standard from £6.95, Worldwide UPS Express from £14.95.

All information on delivery time and cost can be found on our website.

- What do I do if I want to make a corporate order/are there any discounts for bulk orders?

For large order discounts, engraved Logo requests or Corporate orders please contact Matt Farrar ( or call us on 0844 5678 365 and ask for Matt.

- Where can I find information on personalised engraving?

You can find this on the features section of our website. You may view the Laser Engraving Gallery or check out the fonts and step by step guide to adding engraving to your order.