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A trip to meet Bear Grylls for you and a friend at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in the UK.  Regarded as the most challenging and empowering survival course on the planet, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy (BGSA) is designed to provide enthusiasts the opportunity to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques. The current portfolio of courses are tailored to both adults and young explorers, in diverse locations including the mountains and forests of the UK. The winner will learn the ultimate in self-rescue skills from Bear himself and will take on an exciting adventure where they will face a series of challenges which can be as basic or extreme as the winner desires. Either way, it will be a mind-blowing experience.

10 lucky runners up will also receive Bear Grylls Packs worth over £200 each. Each pack includes vital survival equipment sure to get your outdoors adventure started. The packs include the Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet, Ultimate Multi-Tool, Fire Starter, Ultimate Fixed Knife (Serrated Blade) and Basic Survival Kit! You can view all of these items on our store by clicking on the images below!   

The Bear Grylls Survival Series

In 2011 Gerber launched the Survival Series in cooperation with Bear Grylls. Since then the range has sold over 1.7 million units worldwide valued at over £20m. In doing so the series has become the number 1 Sporting Goods knife in the world. Gerber makes survival tools for everyone from scouts on their first overnighter to seasoned adventurers exploring the backcountry. For survival in the elements, we created a line of the toughest, most innovative knives and tools available. With just your hands, your head and your tools you can account for everything needed to stay alive in the wild.
The Bear Grylls Survival Range has been developed and designed with the full input of Bear himself. 
‘Because it’s stuff I’ve tried, tested, abused and, you know, it’s what I use!’ - Bear Grylls
Who is Bear Grylls?
• Bear served 3 years in the Armed Forces
• He joined the Territorial Army and after passing selection, served as a reservist with the 21 SAS Regiment until 1997
• In 2004, he was awarded the honorary rank of lieutenant commander in the Royal Naval Reserve
• In 2013, he was awarded the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel in the Royal Marines Reserve
• Whilst serving, he was a trooper, survival instructor and patrol medic
• He has transferred those skills into his career as a survival expert
• Recent projects include the TV programme ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ in which he spent a week in the wild with celebrities, including US President Barack Obama.
• Bears favourite product in the range is the Survival Series Ultimate Kit
• He uses the complete range in his expeditions