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Upgrade Your Pocket – Introducing the Armbar


The Gerber Armbar maximises the pocket knife with a smart multi-tool inspired design. Fitting comfortably in your pocket, each tool has the build quality you expect from Gerber and comes with their standard 25 year warranty. This stylish addition to the Gerber range is an affordable pocket tool that lets you do more.

With two models, the Drive and the Cork, you can choose which tools suit you best without having extra functions weighing you down.




Armbar Drive – Available in Urban Blue, Orange and Onyx

If the day asks more of you than a blade alone can handle, upgrade to the Gerber Armbar Drive. Six tools sit alongside the locking plain edge blade so you have everything you need in your pocket whenever you need it. The handy tool is built for finishing DIY jobs, day to day tasks such as opening packages and using the relaxing with a cold bottle at the end of the day.


  1. Prybar

  2. Bottle Opener

  3. Hammer

  4. 2 Sided Bit Driver

  5. Awl

  6. Scissors

  7. Plain Edge Blade


Armbar Cork – Available in Orange, Gold and Onyx

The Gerber Armbar Cork is the ultimate tool for bartenders, campers and anyone that enjoys the finer things in life. With a multi purpose plain edge blade, this pocket tool has 8 additional functions including a bottle opener, corkscrew and foil cutter to make short work of opening wine and beer bottles.

  1. Prybar

  2. Bottle Opener

  3. Hammer

  4. Corkscrew

  5. Foil Cutter

  6. Lever Arm

  7. Can/Package Opener

  8. Scissors

  9. Plain Edge Blade

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