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Get Out There With The Gerber Fishing Range


When you’re heading out on the water for the day, you need to know your tools will perform no matter what the situation. With their history of innovation, reliability, and quality products, Gerber’s new fishing range gives you the strength and control you need when you’re waist deep in a rushing current.

The 12 tools all have a job to do, and won’t take up any unnecessary space when you need them most. From tethers to fillet knives each is a clever piece of kit that feels at home in your hand and is second nature to use.

Built to be compact and easy to carry, each tool is specifically designed for their job and won’t weigh you down unnecessarily. Whether you’re adventure angling in unknown territory, kayak fishing or flats fishing, these tools will make your life easier.



GET SOME GUTS – Gerber Gutsy £21.59 (Available in Black and Silver)

4 functions moulded into one solid steel tool. The Gerber Gutsy has everything you need to process your catch at the end of the day. Scaler, gut hook, scoop and a bottle opener to celebrate with a cold beer.


TAKE CONTROL – Gerber Magniplier £79.89

The clever Magniplier is designed to fit your hand for optimal strength. The pivoted head lets you see exactly what you’re working on and the spring loaded pliers won’t tire your hand. Exchangeable parts and a nylon sheath make these a reliable piece of equipment that will be with you for years.


MANAGE YOUR LINE – Gerber LineDriver £45.89

With 6 functions in this compact, double ended tool, the Gerber LineDriver is the ultimate management tool. The main feature is the serrated scissors for clipping your line with ease, while there is also a spinning line vise, split shot crimper eyelet clearing spike and hook threader.

GET MORE DONE – Gerber FreeHander £45.89

Built for the conditions you endure, the FreeHander acts as an extra hand to help you get difficult tasks done. A pivoting retention clip, wide paddle body and multi-positional respike in one handy tool that you can connect using the tether point. The FreeHander is what you’ve been looking for.



STAY CONFIDENT – Gerber Neat Freak £22.94

Micro-serrated blades make short work of braided line and the full tang construction gives you the strength you need. The handles have been designed with a large finger pad so you get maximum control and grip – finished off with a bottle opener to end your day with a cold one to celebrate.



FINISH THE JOB – Gerber Processor £53.99

More than just a pair of shears, the Processor Take-A-Part has everything you need to process your catch. Two tools combined, it features a gut hook, scaler, fin clipper, fine edge blade and shears. Held securely in a rinseable sheath, the easy to clean Processor will change the way you see shears.


WORK HARD – Gerber Controller £47.69-£60.29 (6″, 8″ or 10″ Blade Length)

Available in a range of blade lengths, 6″, 8″ and 10″, the Gerber Controller fillet knife is built to work hard in difficult situations. With excellent edge retention and a corrosion resistant blade, the Controller is made for the water. An innovative sheath makes this more than just a knife. A built in sharpener and water vents keep your knife at its best.

GET A GRIP – Gerber Defender £28.89-£38.24 (Large or Compact)

The Defender holds your tools while you concentrate on the job at hand. Connected to your gear with a wide body retention clip, the dyneema cable has the perfect tension to work with you. A tip control carabiner and side release lock take the strain off your tools while you use them so nothing stands in your way.



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