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This Father's Day give Dad the gift of adventure

5 Steps For An Adventure Filled Father’s Day!

Tired of giving Dad the same lazy, last minute gifts for Father’s Day? Why not get him something that’ll unleash his inner Bear Grylls. This year Gerber want to get you and Dad out in the wild together, experiencing the outdoors. So to help get started we’ve drawn together a list of 5 steps and some essential tools to make your bushcraft trip with Dad memorable! Check out our list and get those tents packed!





Pack The Essentials – Basic Survival Kit (£26.99)1365096211-52429400

Making sure you’ve got all the right kit before you set off is the first step to survival. The Basic Survival Kit solves that problem for you. A Mini Serrated Knife, Emergency Whistle, Emergency Cord and more even tools you may not have thought to bring. All of this comes with a sturdy, waterproof bag for protective carry. Making sure you’re both prepared before you set off is just as important to survival as how you act in the wild. Don’t leave anything to chance, pick up this convenient little pack.

Looking for a little extra? – Ultimate Survival Kit (£41.99)

If this kit looks a little too basic for you and Dad, you may want to check out the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit. Featuring a handsaw, survival blanket and even an ever-useful multi-tool it’s brimming with essential gear.



Prepare Your Campsite – Ultimate Folding Sheath Knife (£35.99)1365096168-20850400

When you’re cutting rope and preparing firewood on a regular basis, a solid, dependable knife quickly becomes your best friend. With a serrated, drop point blade all the bases of campsite life are covered with the Ultimate Folding Sheath Knife. Handy in every aspect of outdoors life from camp building to food prep. Don’t worry if neither you or Dad are knife handling experts, the Ultimate Folding Sheath Knife has a textured rubber handle to avoid slippage and accidental injury. So no surprise trips to A&E!

Make this gift extra special and add a personalised engraving for just £2.99.

Looking for a little extra? – Bear Grylls Field Sharpener (£22.49)

You’ve got the knife, now you need to keep it in top condition. After all, this could be the first trip of many! With coarse carbine and fine ceramic inserts no matter which knife you pick up the Bear Grylls Field Sharpener will keep the blade fine for a consistent cut.



Get a Fire Going – Compact Fire Starter (26.99)1400755064-76940100

So you’ve found the perfect spot, set your tents up and found firewood. Now all you need to do is get the fire burning. Don’t let Dad faff around with scouting tricks he half remembers, give him a helping hand with the Compact Fire Starter. Easy to use, simply run the metal striker down the ferrocerium rod for instant sparks to get that fire roaring. This little keychain fire starter also clips to your backpack for quick access and useable in wet conditions, this should be the first tool on your list.

Looking for a little extra? – Bear Grylls Sliding Saw (£26.99)

You can’t get a fire going without getting the firewood first. The Bear Grylls Sliding Saw helps you easily cut down firewood and easily clears any brush blocking your path. It even works in wet and muddy conditions. A no brainer if you and Dad are living off your surroundings.



Keep Your Camp Running Smoothly – Greenhorn Multi-Tool (£26.99)

It’s inevitable that you’rre are going to run into a few problems like a snapped guide rope or broken equipment. The best way to prepare for surprise handyman jobs is to have a reliable multi-tool to hand. The Bear Grylls Greenhorn does a lot of what much more expensive multi-tools do, in a much more compact design. Specifically built with outdoors survival in mind, the Greenhorn features two screwdriver heads for repairs, a large fine blade and even an easy to use can opener for food prep. After this trip Dad wont just be at one with nature, he’ll be a regular handyman.

Make this gift extra special and add a personalised engraving for just £2.99.

Looking for a little extra? – Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet (£17.99)

The Greenhorn solves campsite quick fixes, but you’ll need something to secure your DIY jobs. That’s where the Survival Bracelet comes in. 12 feet of woven paracord comes in handy whether you’re giving more support to your shelter or just fancy some archery and need a makeshift bow. An adaptable and convenient design that’s sure to surprise you with its uses.



Experience The Outdoors At Night – Bear Grylls LED Headtorch (£26.99)1365096217-97784000

Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean you and Dad have to call it a night. The Bear Grylls LED Headtorch gives you a max 25 lumens of light to help you navigate your campsite. There’s even an extra compartment hidden in the comfortable headband to store extra batteries. Now Dad’s hands are free for more important jobs, like enjoying a well-earned beer by the fire. 

Looking for a little extra? – Bear Grylls Micro LED Torch (£14.99)

A headtorch is fantastic, but having a quick pocket torch you can whip out at any moment is vital. At just 4cm you can lock the Bear Grylls Micro LED to your keychain or backpack with ease. With low, high, beacon and blinking lighting options, this is the key to keeping you and Dad safe as well as productive at night.


Click here to view the full Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series.

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