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Introducing Gerber Freescape Camp Kit

A series of tools so your camping operates the way the rest of your life does. Freescape tackles the hurdles of the trip where second-hand kitchen gear falls short. These tools blend the best aspects of your kitchen with sturdy steel and next-gen technology engineered to stand up to the outdoors for function, safety, and peace of mind.

You don’t, in fact, have to sacrifice the quality of your camp experience for fear you’ll ruin or lose the high-end knife from home. You aren’t saving time and energy to get things done so you can keep working; you’re saving time and energy so you can connect with what matters.

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Gerber Freescape Camp Lights

Gerber Freescape Camp Knives

Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Tool

Gerber Freescape Kitchen Tool

Gerber Freescape Small Lantern

Gerber Freescape Small Lantern

Gerber Freescape Hatchet

Gerber Freescape Hatchet


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